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Oil products will like other organic products; be broken down by micro

organisms. Micro organisms in this instance are bacteria's, fungus and algae.

 With this type of contamination, the organisms will through their metabolism,

 convert some of the diesel components to substances that will be damaging to a

 combustion engine. There is produced a slime-like substance in the diesel. This

 will coat the tank and fuel system, blocking both pipes and filters. In this coating

 there can be found millions of micro-organisms per gram of diesel.

 Microorganisms attack and oxidise surfaces in tanks and fuel systems, and thus

cause substantial damage. Problems can be reduced or total break down of the

 fuel supply system. A host of shipping breakdowns and problems with diesel

fuelled cars can be blamed on these conditions.



Trade Center Finland has Dipstick for sale. It is a self-test that is easy for the customer to analyze. This takes 2-3 days to review and give a good indication of bacterial levels.

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